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Naruto - Sasuke vomiting blood, making karin surprised. but karin quick thinking "do not be confused, the best thing that bs you're doing now is to analyze jutsu danzo" karin thought to himself.

Danzo forward attacking sasuke. Susanoo sasuke again took aim and shot an arrow toward danzo and "... Izanagi ..." Madara thought. Susanoo dart back into the chest danzo. "in a short time ..." Madara thought. danzo he vomited blood again disappeared and reappeared.
"people who can make all just a dream even injuries and death ..." Madara continues. cast danzo wind element jutsu, shinku daigyoku futon. giant vacuum ball out of the mouth danzo. Susanoo quickly to ward off the shield.

sasuke looked exhausted. "and it also can make users to attack reality. can control the space between reality and is ilusiini bs strongest genjutsu in the learned people. and every eye is pulled out of their sight loss Izanagi and would never open again" said Madara. sharingan eye visible in the palm of the hand danzo closed. living eye in the upper arm is still open.

"but the number of eyes ... .. Izanagi results vary person to person ... so this was definitely one of Orochimaru experiments to force the extension of its use" analysis Madara. karin on danzo attention. danzo noticed Madara "Madara does not seem to be joined in the battle ... should I save energy for later ... dengannnya fight takes me to use my right eye, too. but Susanoo is very tough. hard to ward off his arrows ... but I do not can stop the Izanagi ... only 5 left eye ... I have to finish this fight soon ... I bet all haruska at this ... " danzo thought.

danzo drew blood from the wound and mensummon giant tapir. sasuke and karin surprised. danzo move on the bridge. tapir danzo opened his mouth and sucking sasuke and susanoonya. Susanoo gripping surface to hold the suction tapir. karin also almost exploited.

"This summon a monster-eating tapir ... .. this bad dream bigger than I thought" think Madara. karin cover behind a bridge pillar. "I can not let danzo escaped me .. whatever happens" karin said.

danzo suddenly was behind sasuke. "Susanoo now can not move .. and I could use a suction tapir improve my strength" and chanting the word danzo wind element jutsu shinku futons and hit the back renpa Susanoo. create a protective Susanoo open and open. "This open ... my chance!" danzo thought.

sasuke suddenly cast fire element jutsu. katon gokakyu no jutsu. giant fireball shot into the mouth danzo tapir. and burning mouth tapirs that he burned his mouth shut.

danzo side suddenly boxing Susanoo danzo hit and threw to the new wall. "elements of fire ... you take advantage of the wind ... nice sasuke" Madara thought. karin silently counting seconds. the count of 60 eyes closed danzo another. and summoned tapir disappeared.

sasuke kneel and run out of chakra exhaustion. Susanoo being faded and living skeleton. "eyes were ... one of them closing every 60 seconds and chakra danzo fallen dramatically. so that means ... lenganya indicate how long he could use jutsunya. stay 4 ... in other words about 240 seconds .. he only lasted 4 minutes to go ... but maybe he still had his eyes somewhere else. danzo attack is not working and sasuke. if I am correct then this jutsu system .... desperate danzo would beat sasuke jutsunya while still working. even if they kedua2nya lose it would be kemenagan bg danzo "thought after analyzing danzo karin.

"I know the secret sasuke jutsunya! listen ok" shouted karin. "jutsu like that will soon be over ... when all was closed Amata" sasuke said. "You ... you shit about Izanagi?" danzo asked. "I was right!" said sasuke. "you're pranking. you're so smart ..." danzo said.

"stupid! why did you tell him? jarakmu right guard you will soon defeat" on sasuke karin said. "It will be in vain. danz will end the Izanagi ... but sasuke still forced to use Izanagi, to shorten the time used bs, he fought with the strongest and fastest Susanoo he wrote an issue only bisa.ini who first exhausted" said Madara .

Susanoo again and again danzo hit in the eye by hand to close one again. stay 3 eyes. open the protective seal sasuke left hands. meyerang shuriken toward danzo. Kunai danzo wear. danzo give something to kunainya from his mouth. sasuke also runs through his sword with lightning element. danzo and sasuke clash weapons. sasuke sword through the shoulder to the back danzo. whereas the ribs through danzo Kunai sasuke. whether this is real or illusory danzo

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