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>> Minggu, 20 Juni 2010

Finally the highly anticipated Firefox fans came as well. Mozilla Firefox browser has now reached episode 4. Although still in beta stage, but the new look of the fox fire was worth a try.

Mozilla claims Firefox 4 beta 1 is running with a web 2.0 platform this gecko, much better than Firefox 3.6. When dijajal detikINET, Tuesday (07/07/2010) is a little glimpse of Firefox look like Google Chrome combined the latest version of Opera (10.6).

New Display A More Simple

In this browser war, seemingly trying to make an appearance Firefox browsers become more simple. For a simple, Google Chrome is currently possible is the winner.

Unlike version 3.6, Firefox 4 has a shape similar to the Chrome tabs. The difference, Firefox's tab is transparent. While for the menu button, a flash similar to the Opera browser is 10.6. With a new look this page Firefox feels more relieved. Moreover, if a user utilizing an appropriate persona.

New things that might make users a bit confused is the view that their menus now adjourn. Users no longer find the existing line of the menu at the top. Instead, Firefox 4 comes with a menu bearing orange-ons. When clicked, the menu appears beneath it, such as: news windows, options, history and so forth.

Firefox also has a column of four new bookmark located on the right side column of the search. This menu gives flexibility to users when trying to make bookmarks with one click only.

Add-On New All Terintegerasi With Browser

Firefox 4 now has an add-on manager who terintegerasi with a browser. When a user clicks on an add-on, the display directly to a new browser tab. Hmmm .. a bit familiar huh? Looks like Firefox back to 'cheat' model similar to Google's Chrome extensions.

In his testimony, saying that the Mozilla add-on manager of the display can still be changed before the final version of Firefox 4 arrived.

Speed and Performance The Fox Fire

With all features diusungnya, Firefox 4 is generally lighter than Firefox 3.6. Mozilla may have to fix memory allocation is used, because during this time Firefox is known to have a heavy memory load. Perhaps for this reason many people on the move fox fire.

In terms of rendering speed javascript, Firefox 4 only reaches the value when tested with Acid3 97/100. Well, a little bit better than version 3.6 which is worth only 94/100.

Based on benchmark tests by techiebuzz, 6.0.4531 Google Chrome still has the fastest performance with a value of 4737. The second position, followed by Opera with a value of 10.60 3959. While Firefox 4 beta 1 alone was in the top three with a value of 2684. Guess how much the software giant Microsoft's browser? Apparently Internet Explorer 8.0 only 436 score.

For HTML5 own performance, it seems this browser does not have a problem. When tested using site, several test various types of canvas going pretty smooth and not broken. Similarly, the completeness of CSS3. All have been there in Firefox 4 beta 1 was.


Currently, Firefox is the second best-selling browser after Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Mozilla says Firefox is now in circulation is considered still too complicated.

They want to create menus in Firefox made more simple that will further facilitate the user when accessing and can improve browsing speed. All that has now manifested in the browser Firefox version 4 beta 1. Unfortunately there are still some bugs in this version, like the minimize button or the Firefox menu at the top left that is not functioning properly.

Mozilla Party itself is still receiving feedback from users, new features related to Firefox 4. If you are interested in trying new flavor of the fox fire, please download The following links.

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